Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Me I Just Want a Hula Hoop

This used to be my favorite Christmas song that was in English, my very favorite Felice Navidad. Alvin wanted something so simple as a hula hoop. The song ends and we never know if he gets his hula hoop. This year is the first year I can ever remember all four of us in the Neumann household wanted the same thing, time. The girls each wanted a extra hour in the day for mommy to spend alone with them. Jenn wanted more time in the day to get everything done and take care of herself. Me I just wanted more time to spend with my family then I know I have. The ironic thing is that Jenn and Hillary got three calendars between them, I got a clock, and Madi got a watch. We all got time telling devices but none of us got the time we were looking for. It is because time is one of those simple things you just can't buy.

All month everybody always asks what do you want for Christmas, or Hanukkah. That was a tough question to answer this year. They say it is tough to shop for the man who has everything, try shopping for the man who may be dying. Sure I got material possessions. I got a Kindle from my parents, a DVD player from my friends, a nice Bills cup from my sister, a Bills clock from my mother-in-law. A lot of people are shocked to find out I got no material possession from Jenn or the girls. I made sure that there were presents for Jenn from me and more from the girls. I helped make sure there were presents for the girls from mommy and daddy, and Santa. As Jenn explained to me why there was no presents for me under the tree what do you get the man that is dying. Everything just seemed so useless, cheap, or insulting for her to buy me. As she is telling me this with tears in her eyes I'm agreeing with her. Why I'll use the Kindle, DVD player, cup and clock do I really need more crap. She could've bought me any of the CDs, DVDs, books, or clothes that I have wanted in the past few months. The question that kept haunting her was why does he need this. She is right, why do I need more crap? I told Jenn that her present to me was that she was still here. She still gets my butt out of bed every morning. She still helps me in the bathroom every night. She still make sure I eat and my needs are met daily. In addition to the now she allowed me 10 1/2 years to be the best husband I could be. She gave me eight years to be the best daddy I could be. All I really needed for Christmas this year was her love. As for my girls I got a smile, hug, kiss, and daddy I love you from each one of them. This is so much better than the latest John Sandford book. It was a simple thing like a hula hoop that I needed. Although I didn't get the one thing I wanted for Christmas this year, I did get the one thing I needed and that's all that matters!


  1. Well said. Merry Christmas and Happy last-night-of-Hanukkah to you all!

  2. VERY well said.. Enjoy every moment:) I enjoyed reading your blog, although sad... insightful..