Thursday, December 15, 2011

Life-changing news

Life-changing news about Matt Neumann. Okay to be honest it may not change your life but it sure is changing mine. After many, many years of fighting with my body and a disease that took it over we are nearing the end. I struggled and struggled about how to get this information out to all the people in my life. I have had five different hospital trips in the last seven months. They have been diagnosed as pneumonia, chronic heart failure, interstitial lung disease, too much excess fluid, and a blood clot in my lungs. My last trip at the beginning of December cannot be classified in any of those categories and we really don't have any ideas on how to stop it anymore. We don't know how long this process may take as I could have 3 hours, 3 days, 3 months, or 3 years. The bottom line the end is coming soon and I am no longer going to aggressively fight it. I've entered into hospice care so there are more eyes watching me at home. I needed to get this information out to all of you as if you are getting this you've touched my life in some way and I just hope I have done the same for you. Also being the person I have been I would've hated myself if I didn't give others time to deal with this information while I am still here. I have created a blog located at for anyone interested in this journey. This is where I will update my information so that only people who want to know can now and those who don't want to don't have to hear about it. I will put a status update that the blog is updated after I post information. Thank you to everyone for their support, prayers, and wishes over the years as they have meant a lot to me. Everybody has to say it someday so for those of you that this is just easier goodbye everyone and may you go on to accomplish great things.



  1. Matt,

    I wish you as much physical and mental comfort as possible. I wish you the best hospice nurses possible who have the ability to bring smiles when times are difficult. And, most importantly, I hope you are able to still create precious memories with/for Jenn and your girls and family.

    I will always remember our couple of years of next door offices in Hutchens House, daily lunch trips to the dining center, and, especially, our Hanumas/Christnukkah celebration in my apartment the year everyone went home except your family and my family.


  2. Matt it's hard to know what to say when hearing news like this, but I'll be as straight forward as you've always known me to be. Your news really sucks! :)

    I can't imagine how challenging this all is for you and your family to go thru, but I admire how you have faced it ...not losing that spirit that makes you, YOU! .... how I always remember you to be!

    We all are going to meet our maker someday, hopefully later rather than sooner! But whenever that day happens, I hope we can all look back and think to ourselves, "it's been a good ride!" I am a better person for having known you, and every time I watch Sportcenter, and they start talking about the Buffalo Bills, I'll always think of you and your unsettling affection for Jim Kelly :)

    I hope it's been a good ride Matt, and remember we‘ll all see each other again someday! I love ya buddy!

    Your friend, Vince

  3. Matt, I am so sorry to read this. But your attitude is amazing. I also wish you as much comfort as possible and as many moments with all your beautiful "girls" as you can squeeze in. You have always been a guy who was friendly, caring and devoted. And lots of fun during the orientation days:) Please keep posting!

  4. Matt,
    Reading that message was hard. Your outlook on the whole situation is inspiring and amazing. I love the Jimmy Buffet song and it is a perfect song.
    I remember you driving us around in your mail truck in high school. I remember watching all of the Miami Dolphin and Buffalo Bill games together. We started a Fantasy Football league that I still run today. We had a lot of great memories growing up. Stay strong and please keep posting. PS - Miami is going to beat the Bills this weekend. ha ha.
    Kevin Ripp

  5. Matt we haven't known you for too long, but what a relief to find a true Bills believer in Denver. It was great to have something in common with you and Jenn when we first got here and knew no one. I have it under good authority that there's a special place in heaven for Bills fans, otherwise I'm sure Romero would have no interest in the afterlife lol! The Bills game we went to was a lot of fun even though I had to climb alllllllllll the way up to the nosebleed seats at 8 months and Romero are the only two guys on the planet that I would do that for!!! You are always in our thoughts, and I will always be here for you, Jenn, and those fabulous girls of yours. Even though Maddie doesn't really like my baby's head lol!

  6. Matty,
    Our thoughts and love are with you. the world is a more beautiful place because of you, and the proof is in your marriage and your children. Thank you for being a part of my life. I am proud to call you my friend. Stay strong and enjoy every minute. We love you, and know you are in our thoughts and prayers.
    Paul and Valerie

  7. Dear Matty, an amazing person and friend.  I can't lie, I am not feeling as brave as you and I am heartbroken to hear this news.  But you are so very strong and sooo inspiring- I am *truly* in awe of your incredible attitude &
    spirit...and you will live on forever in the hearts of your friends and family and especially in those beautiful little girls. I will always treasure the fun times we had (good, bad & ugly) as the Fabulous 4.  And whenever i hear a Jimmy song you know I will smile and think of you!!  Wishing you the happiest holidays possible, I hope & pray you can enjoy this time in comfort, peace and wrapped in the love of your family. You are ALL in my thoughts and prayers - wishing you much love and peace on your lovely lovely cruise. Your friend, Jammie xo

  8. Hey Matt,
    I sit here this evening and finally trying to decide what to say finally. I read your update last week and my heart sank as I read about your courageous battle. I think you are providing the perfect opportunity for people to recall just what you offer this world, thank you for that. When I left Colorado and UNC in 1998, I was so focused on what was in front of me that I did not keep in good contact with people who meant a great deal to me. Not only did we work together and join the same fraternity, you were in many ways like a brother to me. I am truly at a loss for not staying connected with you. Regardless, I will certainly be a better person having known you and I am proud to say that you are my freind. Tonight, I sit here, 12 hours away from the birth of my second daughter. With all the normal fears about being a parent, I know I will have some guidance and you as a role model to be the best Dad I can be. Please stay strong and keep in the back of your mind that there is a brother in California that is thinking of you often.

    Much love and respect,