Monday, January 2, 2012

I Have Solved Our Religious Problems

Okay now this rant is going to begin with how much this Dragon voice recognition program hates me. I was probably halfway done with this post when it decided it heard something I didn't say and erased it all. Now I have to start all over again. As I sit here for many days just thinking I come up with many ideas. Most of these new ideas are not productive they are just fun to think about. After sending out my letter and starting this blog I've got a lot of religious responses. This may have led to something productive coming out of my thoughts. I know for some of you is the second time you've heard me rant about changing the face of religion. And I do still believe if Neumannism ever made it out of Big Bear Cabin Lake or wherever it was that Res Life sent us for three days of fun that they called training. Anyway as I start to ramble if Neumannism made it out of those cabins it might be a recognized religion by now! It didn't leave the cabin so it's just another great idea I had that got lost.

Now I have my second go at this religious thing. Those of you from the Neumannism days don't worry it does not involve Matt Neumann, Jimmy Buffett, the NFL, or the homemade I didn't realize I was making back then. This is actually a logical and rational thought coming from me. I guess the best way to say it is that we are all right. Everybody's person that they pray to is the right person for them. As I've hit this point of my life I've had to seriously start thinking about what's waiting on the other side. I now see the whole religious scheme as more of a Greek mythology structure. There is one decision maker out there who kind of acts like the Zeus type. All the other people that we pray to are on equal footing one step below. All the religions have their person represented on this line. Nobody is left out and nobody is favored, and I'm sure there's a person up there representing the people who don't necessarily believe in a particular faith but still have faith in something. When your time comes your person puts together your case file of your life. They also include a recommendation from their view. Were you faithful to your faith. Were you the best whatever you could be. What kind of person were you. This file is handed up and this Zeus person makes a educational, non-partial, rational, and logical decision on your future. It brings the bottom line back to you. How do you live your life and how do you play with others. I don't think there are only two choices for this person to make. Just as in life the afterlife has a lot of gray area as well. What we've done here in our actions, in our words, in our thoughts, and our hearts will decide what part of that gray that you fit in. Bottom line it doesn't matter if you're Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Mormon, a Scientologist, or anything else I'm sure I could keep going. The only thing that matters is how you live your life within your faith. Just something for you to think about!


  1. Interesting enough this subject matter came up at work prior to me reading your post, and I think you put it perfectly! But I hate to say that I totally forgot about the Neumannism from our retreat, but I do have pictures from that weekend and I was sleeping in most, so I am going to chalk it up to being so exhausted. Lol. Thanks for your insights and I look forward to more!!

  2. I wish I could say I agree with you here, but like your choice of football teams and baseball teams, I am in disagreement of your thinking. I will leave it at that!